About the SV650 motorcycle

2008 SV650

You know what you’re looking for in a standard V-twin machine: light and agile handling, as well as loans and to measure the performance of the engine. And that’s what the Suzuki SV650 offer – in spades. The Suzuki SV650 offers its own style and performance. Compared to the SV650S, it has a leaner profile, with only one round lighthouse, tubular handlebars and a more right driving position.

A walk on the SV650 and you’ll be connected. It combines clear, light treatment with daily riding comfort. And the party really starts when you press its outstanding performance in the engine. Its fuel-injected V-twin powerplant net gas supply response, high torque and power incredibly broad.

Get on a new 2007Suzuki SV650 – and enjoy a ride you’ll never forget.

Characteristics engine
Twin spark cylinder heads to optimize combustion and reduced emissions.
Compact 645 cc, 90 degrees liquid-cooled V-twin, 8-valve DOHC engine listening strong low to mid power rpm
90 degrees V-twin cylinder layout eliminates vibrations primary without a counterbalancer, while maintaining the engine simple and compact
Light chain-driven DOHC, shim-under-bucket valve system 31 mm, with admission valves and 25.5 mm exhaust valves
Electronic fuel injection system with Suzuki double valve system Throttle (SDTV) – maintains the speed of air in making optimal ways of good low to mid-response gas rpm and high torque of Release – includes Fast Auto Idle System (AFIS)
High capacity coolant oil cooler and improve engine performance and durability – the flow of coolant is integrated with the clutch and engine coverage for a cleaner look and reduced weight
Smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission with staggered vertical shafts for a shorter, more compact crankcase
Exterior clutch plastic engine cover Gable and coverage to reduce weight and noise
Slight 2-to-1 exhaust system for listening to weak and strong mid-range torque
Black-painted frame, swingarm and wheels, and headlights mounted mini-fairing with tinted shield for more sport appearance
Tube-style handlebar to a comfortable sitting upright, more simple, rounded-style lighthouse 60/55W
√Čtroites, truss-type lightweight aluminum frame built with vacuum-molded for more consistent and less force individually welded
Box-section aluminum swingarm is lightweight high torsional rigidity
41mm front fork with 130 mm wheel travel provides a smooth, compliant ride
Link type mono-shock rear suspension with 7-adjustable for preload
Powerful dual hydraulic disc front brakes with 290 mm floating rotors and brake lever adjustable position
Only rear brake disc 240 mm rotor
Compact instrument cluster includes analog tach, LCD speedometer, odometer / tripmeters, and temperature gauge, clock LCD lowest level of fuel warning light
Strongly inclined VTP unique style houses and high visibility LED compact rear fender and rear
Grand sub-seat storage area passenger Grab bar and attach the brackets
Slim 4.5 gallons of fuel tank with low-fuel warning light
Hinges changes in fuel tanks to facilitate access to gas and AirBox bodies
The scale of radial tires mounted on light rays 3 wheels cast aluminum

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