My 2005 Suzuki SV650 started pouring out smoke out of the exhaust this morning on the freeway, WTF?

Once i arrived at work the smoking stopped, no noteciable loss of power or different noises from the motor,
any ideas?
smoke looked light blueish. oil level is exact. oil & filter changed recently. no leaks on motor externally. spark plugs coffee with cream color.
no loss of power or hesitation.

my buddy thinks someone put something that burned up in my exhaust. thats why its not smoking anymore.

gonna check vale clearance in the morning, waiting for mototr too cool down ovrnight

(bone stock except for frame savers and hot bodies undertail exhaust)
and when i say smoke pouring out i mean like james bond status smoke screen and shi t
uhhh wheelies are illegal on public hwys….
im gonna plead the 5th on that one.

lets just say it has it’s fair share of vertical rides…heh
beside i already know i abuse my bikes i just don’t want ti hear it…heh

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